1)  Position: Android Developers


·       2+ years of Android development (Applications published to Google Play, Amazon AppStore etc),

·       Strong OOP skills based on Java programming language,

·       Extensive knowledge of Android SDK (Familiarity with Android API Level 15 and up preferred, Level 19 and up required),

·       Expert knowledge of Android development tools and external libraries (Dagger 2, Rxjava, Picasso, GSON, Retrofit),

·       Knowledge of design patterns MVVM, MVP, MVC and general design considerations,

·       Knowledge of android architecture components,

·       Experience developing asynchronous, multi-threaded Server-Client applications,

·       Experience on integrating mobile applications with backend services (HTTP, REST, JSON, XML, OAuth, SQL technologies knowledge)

·       Knowledge in the use of SCM tools (SVN, Git, Maven),

·       Knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architectures, trends and emerging technologies,

·       Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

2)  Position: Search product manager


·       Take charge of market insight, competitive product analysis, and end user requirement analysis and prioritization for search products (such as web search and vertical domain search).

·       Take charge of search product roadmap management, business model design, and third-party CP ecosystem cooperation to build competitive search products.

·       Take charge of new product search, design new features and promote product iteration implementation in cross-product teams.

·       Design key experience and performance indicators, and drive users to understand search intentions and continuously improve search algorithms.

·       Undertake user satisfaction KPIs, explore potential user requirements and product improvement directions through data analysis, and improve user satisfaction.

Business skill requirements;

·       Excellent organization, coordination, and teamwork capabilities, strong sense of responsibility.

·       Strong communication skills.

·       Professional knowledge requirements

·       Bachelor degree or above, at least two years of experience in Internet search products, familiar with Internet technologies and data analysis capabilities.

·       Analytical capabilities and decision-making driven by data, able to manage product experience and performance qualitatively and quantitatively.

·       Excellent product design capabilities, able to identify users' real requirements, be able to independently complete tasks such as PRD, UX design, requirement data definition, and data dotting design.

·       Have success cases of market insight, competitive product analysis, charter initiation, roadmap management, and business model design


3)  Position: ISD DEVOPS



·       Bachelor Degree in Engineering (If the candidate graduated from a foreign university, diploma equivalency certificate must be presented),

·       Minimum 2 years of experience as DevOps Engineer is a must,

·       Experience with the Java enterprise applications,

·       Experience in maintaining Git, Mysql, ELK, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Zookeeper, Redis, SonarQube, Nexus and Jenkins or similar software’s,

·       Experience with Linux Operating Systems,

·       Advanced knowledge at writing scripts and automation using Python, Bash etc.,

·       Advanced knowledge and hands-on experience on CI/CD practices,

·       Experience with Kubernetes and Docker in enterprise application,

·       Being familiar with HELM package manager for Kubernetes is a plus,

·       Experience in Agile Development is a plus,

·       Good work attitude , good self-leraning ability,

·       Nationality of the candidates must be Turkish,

·       Male candidates should have completed military service or postponed at least 2 year and willing to travel abroad,

·       Very good command of English is required.


·       Work closely with the software engineering teams to design, deliver and manage services with high uptime,

·       Helping build and support infrastructure and developer tools to improve the team productivity and CI/CD processes,

·       Improve all phases of deployment operations including the development process automations for development and production environments,

·       Will be collaborating closely with Engineering teams to improve development team productivity and optimize engineering processes and SDLC.



·       Candidate should be interested in test techniques and methodologies.

·       The ability or high motivation to learn and work with new open source technology

·       Candidate should have great knowledge about Linux OS in operation and maintenance, Databases (SQL/No SQL) and Docker –Kubernetes environment operation and maintain (optional)

·       Strong capability of writing & maintaining automated test scripts for web applications,

·       Hands-on experience and knowledge about Automation Testing (Selenium preferable), Performance Testing and Security Testing etc.

·       Comfortable working in a dynamic, low-structure, constantly changing atmosphere and prioritizing work appropriately.

·       The know how about service-oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST) architecture and Its functionality such as covers web service inspection, invoking, development, simulation and mocking, functional testing, load and compliance testing.

Job Requirements;

·       Proactively join testing activities and support the team members to solve the technical difficulties,

·       Work with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle,

·       Analyze the business requirements and estimate, plan and design the testing and verification to guard the product,

·       Develop the automation test case/effort and generate scripts to perform automated testing cycles,

·       Identify, analyze, and document any defects discovered during testing and provide fine-tuning recommendations,

·       Define test strategy and provide technical guidance in driving quality in new feature development.

Personal Skills Required;

·       Agile oriented; focused on delivery and customer first,

·       Adaptive; responsive for on-demand changes,

·       Dedicated; working hard to finish tasks on-time with high quality,

·       Communicative; calling before sending e-mail,

·       Open; collecting feedbacks and defining actions for self-improvement.

·       Strong issue analysis and problem-solving skills are essential,

·       No military obligation or at least 2 years postponement.

·       No limitation to travel in Turkey or abroad.

·       Good command of English is essential.


5)  Position: Search Ecosystem Specialist


·       Take charge of search ecosystem planning, design, and promotion.

·       Lead the team to efficiently and efficiently complete survey, data analysis, and product design related to search ecosystem construction improvement, and complete project cycle and iteration.

·       Work closely with the technical and design teams, quickly and efficiently promote product design, R&D, and operation.

·       Business skill requirements:

·       Have good capabilities of communicating with customers or channels, organizing and coordinating, and thinking in a structured manner.

·       Strong communication skills.

·       Professional knowledge requirements

·       Bachelor’s degree or above, able to cope with global business trips.

·       Have some experience in marketing and sales and partner work. Experience in the search field is preferred.

·       Have strong learning and adaptability, and strong willingness to succeed.


6)  Position: Huawei Search Quality Rater JD


·       2+ years of experience in translation, editing or any related field with language processes

·       Arabic as native language 

·       Eye for detail and self learning ability

·       Comfortable using internet based applications - surveys

·       Fluent in local language & deep appreciation of local nuances (lived/living in assign market)

·       Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.

·       Have in-depth, up-to-date familiarity with current country's social culture, media, and web culture

·       Excellent comprehension and written communication skills in English 

·       Broad range of interests, with specific areas of expertise a plus.


Job Profile;


Provide feedback and evaluation of various data sets, often by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of results and various other techniques.


7)  Position: Translator

Job Overview;


We’re looking for English – Turkish translators to support our team of translators and reviewers. The successful candidate will be located in our İstanbul office, and will work in a multi-cultural environment with growth opportunities.


Responsibilities and Duties;


As a Translator, you will be expected to provide high-quality translations for UI projects that are sent out from our Headquarters in China. You will be in close contact with our internal customers while also working together with our local team for localization and review tasks. You will be expected to take on a meticulous approach when it comes to.



·       Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) in Linguistics.

·       Minimum 2 years of experience in localization. Knowledge of Android terminology is a plus.

·       Native Turkish with an eye for detail and deep knowledge of linguistic rules.

·       Fluent in written and oral English. Knowledge of Chinese is a plus.

·       Knowledge of Trados or similar CAT tools.

·       Flexible, dynamic, proactive, easy to adapt to changing processes and tools.

·       Open to give and receive feedback.